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Video Game Technology Gives Veterans New Lease on Life

November 24, 2008

Staff Sgt. Brian Schar got behind the wheel of a white Chevy Colorado yesterday and went for a spin. The vehicle remained snugly parked in a room at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Northwest Washington, despite the large screens in front of the truck, which showed a street-level view of… read more | digg […]

New BlackBerry could take iPhone by storm

November 21, 2008

The BlackBerry Storm provides some real competition for the iPhone with many features that the iPhone does not possess according to Ed Baig. Unfortunately, it does not have the ease of use factor, an iPod or Wi-Fi which keeps it from surpassing the iPhone. read more | digg story

Obama ready to embrace Internet as tool for persuasion

November 12, 2008

The Online Fireside Chat is back with social media tools. read more | digg story

Barak Obama use Intenet as an effective tool for his promo

November 12, 2008

Barack Obama ’s election was historic not just politically – his use of the the Internet to promote awareness and create a loyal following will be the template which all future presidential campaigns will draw inspiration from read more | digg story

ISP-level content filtering won’t work

November 12, 2008

Video: the heads of three of Australia’s largest internet providers, BigPond, iiNet and Internode, say ISP-level content filtering proposed by the government will not work and raises civil liberties questions. read more | digg story

YouTube Dips Its Toe in Full-Length Video Market

October 22, 2008

YouTube is now entering the full-length video market as it attempts to monetize content. read more | digg story

The Convergence Effect Stikes Again: A Study Finds Internet, Cellphones May Strengthen Family Unit!

October 20, 2008

Parents and children might rush through their days in different directions, but the American family is as tight-knit as in the last generation — or more so — because of the widespread use of cellphones and the Internet, according to a new poll. read more | digg story

T-Mobile’s Google phone heralds Android invasion

October 17, 2008

T-Mobile’s Android based phone poses a threat to the iPhone and Windows mobile based phones. read more | digg story

Amazon Launches Content Delivery System

October 6, 2008

While everyone has been busy watching every move of Google, Microsoft, Apple, Verizon, and AT&T, Amazon is emerging as a quiet dark horse and a major player in digital storage, digital sales, and digital content. Amazon’s content delivery system will provide it with enterprise storage to take on Microsoft. read more | digg story

Media & Tech Companies Form Interoperability Alliance

October 6, 2008

Interoperability for video on multiple digital devices and a rights locker appear to be the future. It also challenges Apple’s partially closed iTunes network but the group claims that it will welcome Apple to the alliance of Hollywood studios and tech companies. Google and Apple are noticeable by their absence from this organization. read more […]