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KRS1 Tells The Origins Of Hip Hop & The Drug War

KRS1 tells the origin of hip-hop as a community activity with Cool Herc @123 Park and how it grew out of dissatisfaction with the mainstream, the Vietnam war, government policies, the civil rights struggle and re-thinking critically on America and how drugs, welfare policy and law enforcement have been used as tools of oppression. KRS1 discusses how in 1972 African American young people were thinking about alternatives to mainstream schools and created their own dance breaking, and then in 1974 the peace, love, unity and having fun campaign of a man named Lance who was re-named Afrika Bambatta and made an honorary Zulu king by a Zulu king and he started Afrika Bambatta and the Zulu Nation. The origins of hip-hop was peaceful and started mostly by young men raised by single woman.

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