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Olympic Gold – Charles & Chip Jenkins Like Father Like Son!

Dr. Charles L. Jenkins Sr. and Charles “Chip” Jenkins Jr. are both Olympic Gold Medalists in the same race the 4×400 meter relay, and Dr. Jenkins also won the 400 meter sprint in 1956 in Melbourne, Australia. Chip won in 92, and is a practicing attorney in Washington. Dr. Jenkins has been my friend and coached me to my PhD as he coached Chip! If you want to know about edutainment imagine a teacher coaching a student for nine years and telling you stories about how you would get a doctorate. That is what makes Dr. Charles Jenkins an Olympic Gold Medalist to me, and why Chip is literally a chip off the old block. I believe that they are the first father and son to win the gold medal in the same event. This is my Olympic moment and it is personal. By the way, I have to also give a shout out to Rochelle Stevens, my college classmate and production partner, who also is a two time Olympian and a gold medalist in the 4X400 women’s relay. One final thought, although Dr. Charles Jenkins historic is that he set an Ameican standard that continues until this day: he was the first American to win the 400 meter dash after WWII and he began the tradition of great American quarter milers and Olympic champions in this event. I hope that NBC and some of the mainstream media will report this story.

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