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eSchool News – Copyright fight looms over college textbooks

After the last several postings, you have probably noticed a theme: publishers versus online piraters of books. Well we knew this fight was coming. Studies by the California and Oregon PIRG’s have indicated that book costs are adding close to $1000 in additional college costs per year on average. Students faced with soaring book costs are scanning whole books and sharing them online to avoid high costs. The publishing industry should have developed this market as an “environmentally smart initiative” and as cost savings for students, but instead it has sparked an olnine revolt that is going to court. This is one the industry can solve by creating digital books at cheaper prices that are downloaded so that people don’t want to copy, upload, share, and download their intellectual property. Maybe they should partner with Apple and Amazon and Microsoft because they all have sites that permit downloading and devices to make the content portable. Yeah right! These are the same entertainment companies that have fought tooth and nail with these online companies who actually built new business models for them.Collaboration is the key here, and getting Google involved would not hurt either.

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