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Poet gives voice to black America

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) — In a small independently owned coffee shop on the corner of one of Atlanta’s urban pockets, a group of would-be poets come together at open mic night for an evening of poetry and rhymes.

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One Response to “Poet gives voice to black America”

  1. Good article, but…

    Why is it that if I were to say in general conversation, “I was talking to this black man the other day…” that the immediate outraged response would be, “Why does he have to be a *black* man? Why couldn’t he just be a *man*?” Yet there is the issue of “Black America” constantly shoved in my face? Do we now have two Americas?

    My point is this: those of us that are trying very hard not to distinguish are constantly being forced to distinguish. Let it die already. Let a man be a man; let America be America. The sooner the media whores quit all this division-causing rhetoric, the sooner we can truly become a unified America.

    Thank you and good night.

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