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Archive for March 2008

College Student Accused of Cheating Using Facebook

March 6, 2008

This is a case I think we will have to follow because it demonstrates the impact that social networks are having on academia. A first-year Ryerson University student is being accused of cheating after helping to run an online study group on Facebook. read more | digg story Advertisements

iCrime and Punishment: iPods Are Creating Crime Now? Please!

March 5, 2008

This story on the USA Today is one reason that this publication exists: To point out how research can be skewed based on circumstantial evidendence. When you see a study like this, you need to question everything about it, and then immediately demand if the researcher will doing a longitudinal study to see if this […]

Champy Credits Convergence As A Game-Changer

March 5, 2008

Management author and guru Jim Champy examined more than 1,000 companies with double to triple digit growth and he found that convergence and IT were the difference makers. In his new book Outsmart! How To Do What Your Competitors Can’t (FT Press, 2008) provides a bevy of case studies to make his point.Check out the […]

Advertisers grapple with online video opportunity

March 5, 2008

Online video can boost electronics retailers’ brand recognition and sales, although business and technical considerations have to be taken into account to achieve good results. read more | digg story

Convergence Effect: Library Takes ‘Talking Books’ Digital

March 5, 2008

Judith M. Dixon, a clinical psychologist by training and a sophisticated techie by avocation, is helping to lead the Library of Congress into the digital age. read more | digg story

The Power Of Media Using Edutainment & Convergence Can Be Seen In Drug Ads And Drug Sales

March 4, 2008

Marshall McLuhan (1967, 1968) was correct when stated that “the media is the message” and that we would be electronically connected in a global village where electronic communication would be a physical extension of our minds. The pharmaceutical companies have utilized the power of media effects to drive drug sales and pressure doctors to prescribe […]

Bits: Could Amazon and Audible Rewrite the Rules of Publishi

March 4, 2008

Amazon could experiment in fascinating ways with its new acquisition, What if you could switch back and forth between an electronic book and the audio version? read more | digg story

Facebook partner’s with iTunes for music store

March 4, 2008

Facebook today launched a new music section with built-in integration with Apple ’s iTunes. You find your favorite band’s page, where you can listen to new music, interact with them and their community, and even purchase tracks or albums. read more | digg story

Apple Might Be Creating Secret eBook Reader – NYT

March 4, 2008

The New York Times’ John Markoff speculates that Steve Jobs’ now-famous diss of the Amazon Kindle — “nobody reads anymore” — might indicate that Apple is working on its own reader. Markoff weighs the evidence. read more | digg story

Presenting Dr. Chris A. Heidelberg III

March 2, 2008

I always said it would be cold day when I would become Dr. Chris A. Heidelberg III; I just forgot to include the snow. Here I am above explaining to the seated committee members and the public audience that attended. The presentation of the research findings lasted 45 minutes and was following by… read more […]