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December 31, 2007

How to Set up a Free Teleconference Call (for Podcasting) Guru Chris Pirillo demonstrates how to set up a free teleconference call for podcasting! His wife provides an assist and great edutainment banter too when she says anything but techie! LOL! Advertisements

December 31, 2007

Recording a Podcast Using an iPod and a Micromemo Now you can learn how to use your iPod as a recorder for podcasts and lectures like I did for my research.

Amory Lovins Uses Edutainment In Oil Policy!

December 31, 2007

Armory Lovins uses both edutainment and convergence to present his ideas and a book he co-wrote on how the United States can embrace a new energy policy that is environmentally friendly, supports national defense and is profitable for business simultaneously. This video on Addicted to Oil makes his… read more | digg story

Edutainment and Convergence Based Energy Policy Presented By Armory Lovins on TED

December 31, 2007

Energy guru Amory Lovins lays out his plan for weaning the US off oil and revitalizing the economy in the process. It’s the subject of his book Winning the Oil Endgame, and he makes it sound fairly simple: On one hand, the deadly risks of continued dependency, and on the other, some win-win solutions. read […]

It’s Official Convergence Rules: Britain’s Queen Elizabeth goes global on YouTube

December 24, 2007

LONDON (Reuters) – Queen Elizabeth is joining the YouTube generation. Buckingham Palace on Sunday said the 81-year-old monarch will post her traditional Christmas Day message — normally broadcast on television — on the video-sharing Web site as well this year. read more | digg story

Google’s Ad Reach May Be Unrivaled

December 21, 2007

The $3.1 billion merger between Web search king Google and online ad giant DoubleClick approved by U.S. regulators yesterday may create an advertising powerhouse of unrivaled reach and knowledge of Internet users’ lives, desires and interests. read more | digg story

Microsoft & Viacom Team Up To Take On Apple & Google

December 21, 2007

For those of you who are regular readers of this site, you know that I wrote a multi-posting on the Microsoft strategy. I knew that Viacom would make sure to get back at Google and take its surrogate Apple with it. This is a two-fer for Microsoft where it can take out two of its […]

FTC Blesses Google’s DoubleClick Deal

December 21, 2007

After months of controversy, editorials, lobbying, and negotiating, the FTC did what everyone in the know in the Beltway corridor already knew: they approved Google acquiring DoubleClick. GoogleWatch does a good job on this one. I will reserve comment until the first of the year on this one, but you can bet that privacy experts […]

Google is a ‘Native Web Speaker’

December 20, 2007

Google has consistently beat the competition because as a company it is a digital native (Prensky, 2006). Google understands what Microsoft sometimes forgets because it was founded by digital immigrants. Google, on the other hand, was founded by digital natives and it may well explain why Google is developing software for the all handhelds. read […]

Intel Unveils Low-Power SSD for Portable Devices

December 20, 2007

Intel will make cell phones, gaming devices, handheld media players, and all devices more powerful with the introduction of this new product. read more | digg story