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Apple and AT&T playing “good cop, bad cop” over iPhone unlocking

August 31, 2007

Apple is allowing the hackers to engage in free research and development for iPhone. Eventually many of these features will probably be added to the iPhone in a more elegant manner in the future. The hackers also enable Apple to find out what customers want, so that they offer it back to them through software […]

Here We Go Again Another Media Outlet Still Doesn’t Get It -NBC says bye to iTunes, hello to piracy and lost revenue

August 31, 2007

When will these media companies stop cutting their nose to despite the damage to their faces? iTunes and iPods will not disappear because they are not selling to Apple direct. People will record, convert and pirate to their iPods via iTunes and AppleTv. The day will come when Apple starts creating its own video and […]

Nokia’s iPhone — no, seriously

August 29, 2007

Now thats how how you copy an Apple product… read more | digg story

First Sub-$200 HD DVD Player Announced: Format Wars Over?

August 29, 2007

>Is this it? The HD DVD stake into Blu-ray’s heart that will signal a start to the resolution of these next-gen DVD format wars? We tracked down a price on the upcoming Venturer HD DVD player and discovered it to be $199, the magical price that everyone’s been waiting for. read more | digg story

August 29, 2007

Eric Schmidt at Progress & Freedom Foundation Aspen Summit Google CEO, Eric Schmidt gives the keynote address at the Progress & Freedom Foundation Aspen Summit as he talks of the importance of keeping the Internet open as a force for worldwide democratization. This address is a must view for students, educators, administrators and business leaders.

August 29, 2007

Gmail: Behind the Scenes (Final Cut) The collective power of convergence is astounding when put to use. This video from Google shows people work together to promote Google’s Gmail electronic mail. This video was compile from clips from all over the world.

Teen Fined For YouTube Posting of Teacher

August 29, 2007

The You Tube Effect on education is very evident in this story of convergence gone wild. This article reports of a teacher experiencing anguish over an embarrassing You Tube moment that involved the teacher singer at a school event. This is the beginning of many of these type of lawsuits. read more | digg story

‘Junk sleep’ damaging teenagers’ health

August 28, 2007

LONDON (Reuters) – British teenagers are damaging their health by not getting enough sleep because they are distracted by electronic gadgets in their bedrooms, according to a survey on Tuesday. read more | digg story

We Can Hear You Now – Telecoms Spy on Customers – The Ag – News Summary – N

August 24, 2007

Time Magazine gives its take on one of the potential downsides of convergence: corporate and government agenciesworking together to accumulate data on the citizenry. This is truly a tough call because if everyone knows that they are being monitored people will change their behavior and the government does have a responsibility to protect us. read […]

Telecom Firms Helped With Government’s Warrantless Wiretaps

August 24, 2007

The Bush administration acknowledged for the first time that telecommunications companies assisted the government’s warrantless surveillance program and were being sued as a result, an admission some legal experts say could complicate the government’s bid to halt numerous lawsuits challenging the… read more | digg story