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No Child Left Behind

The next few posts will be actual comments on the No Child Left Behind Act from citizens and politicians alike. This is educational in nature and it allows you the viewer the opportunity to decide what you think about the policy. Is it an unfunded mandate or is it just simply an unfair way of taking from the poor educationally and giving to the rich? These upcoming posts demonstrate just how edutainment and convergence can operate in a democratic society. There is even a YouTube Democratic debate question on No Child Left Behind aka NCLB. Regardless of where you fall on the debate, I want you to look at the comments, make notes and if you are real bold post your comments on You Tube or a blog. Thus far, you have seen posts on politics, art and history with the utilization of edutainment and convergence. Why is this important to higher education? Well, it is only a matter of time before their is a strong movement to bring a form of No Student Left Behind for colleges and universities nationwide given the constantly rising costs of higher education, book costs, lab fees, and computer costs coupled with mediocre national graduation rates according to some experts. Keep watching as I find a daily piece to wet your appetite.


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