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Madison Avenue Part III

April 7, 2007

Welcome back to Edutainment and Convergence with Rebecca Landeros. Ms. Landeros this may be our last interview so I want to thank you again for participating in this study. E2D: How have I done from your observations? RL: Great, thanks! but I’m glad all the questions are over!!!   E2D: Since you were one of […]

Madison Ave Interview – Part II

April 7, 2007

Welcome back to Edutainment & Convergence: The Internet Edition. With me is New York advertising agency producer Rebecca Landeros. In the past we have conducted our interviews in person with video tape; however, this interview and the previous one has been utilizing the Internet as our means of communicating since we already have a level […]

Old School vs. New School:Technology in the Classroom

April 1, 2007

As an undergraduate and a graduate student, we have decided to discuss the emergence of technology in the classroom today. From cellular phones, to video games, to iPods technology has become a disruptive factor that is heavily impacting the educational experience. In the section below, we will initially provide the old school or traditional viewpoint […]

This Blog Will Boldly Go Where Few Have Gone Before

April 1, 2007

As you have seen from our first interview, we are really trying to get a feel of where edutainment and convergence is going. In this blog you can expect to read commentary about various issues and trends in the fields of education, communications and technology: affectionately known as edutainment and convergence. Stay tuned for analysis […]